Sons of the Oath

by Insurrectionist

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Brutality in battle
War cover the plains
The forces of the Dark Lord Prevail
Slain our father evilly
Under this we shall avenge

No matter the cost
No Matter the means,
Be it elf or man
Or orc or beast
The grip of Morgoth
Shall release the light
Four our great father
We shall end the night

The gray realm
Now only ash
For our quest laid to waste
The old ones denounced us
Our kin renounced us
We seek the gems alone

Curufinwe, Feanor
Cursed the high ones, cursed Melkor
Slew the sea elves, left his kin
Fought for the jewels of his craft
Trapped by the Dark Lord
His fate was met
We pledge under him
Our swords and Shields


released October 31, 2015
Jonathan Suan- Music, Songwriting, Production, Lyrics





RABM Project from Sterling Heights of Fingolfin

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