Pseudo​-​Anarchy EP

by Insurrectionist

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released January 14, 2015



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RABM Project from Sterling Heights of Fingolfin

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Track Name: Revolution Calls
I hear a cry from the east
It is the downtrodden
Laboring away for almost nothing
Holding on to whatever faith they have
Yet it brings them nothing

A spectre haunts the world
The spectre of capital
Greed and Wealth haunts the world
What force shall we use
To exterminate this foe

I hear a cry from the west
It is the downtrodden
Beaten to pulp because of race
Living in poverty
They have no oppurtunities because of race

Now we must rise
As slaves we are stronger
Than Our bonds
The tyranny of Capital must end
Track Name: Liberation
We are at war
We shall Combat
Those who oppress us
Downtrodden we were,
We fight to be free
Stand together
Steal the riches
from the Oppressors
Fight to be free!
Track Name: Unconquerable
The Holy Land established
After such a catastrophe
Millions scream with joy
For the New Homeland
Celebrating liberation
From their enemies
As a nation, they stand
Worldwide powers defend its rule
All to prevent a tragedy
Yet at what cost?
Oppression of their neighbors
Through this Israel stands
Their sorrows of the past
Carry on to a new people
Mother and child killed in the name of counter-terrorism
Missiles fly from one border to a next
Poverty runs rampant on the other side of the wall
Families displaced by state-supported expansion
War continues and afflicts those innocent
All this strife
Genocide imminent
Who will save you, Gaza?